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Professional Performances with
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Isis Wings, Prop, Belly danceWings of Isis

Belly Dance Divas
 Adding mystique and enchantment to your life through the magical art of dance…Belly Dance Divas, Professional Performers


Belly Dance Divas, dancers of the Middle East offer you a site filled with informative articles, class schedules, free online lessons, belly dance tips and tricks from going professional right through to your belly dance costuming needs as well as catering for your function requirements.

We have established ourselves as a school of profession which only offers the best in student training, teacher training as well as performer training.

Belly dance group classes are available for every woman at any age and shape, to take part in a feminine art that not only makes you feel good on the inside but on the outside as well while having a lot of fun.

We specialize in a variety of props from Isis Wings to Balanced Swords, from Fire Dancing to a variety of Veil Performances to various techniques where every Diva will find what they are truly good at while having a good exercise workout.

Belly Dance Divas professional dancers are each unique in talent and perform the dance with grace, beauty and elegance which are sure to leave your audience with memories of an unforgettable Arabian night.

Belly Dance Divas not only offer entertainment but can also cater for all your function needs from draping to décor, from food to flower arrangements and any other requests which may be forthcoming from the client through the professional services of Funky Temple.

Funky Temple offer free recipes right at the click of a mouse which are mouth watering and sure to leave your tastebuds wanting more.

But why stop there, Belly Dance Divas online home also offer you a store where you can shop to your heart’s content at affordable prices from books to cabaret costumes, from Tribal Belly Dance outfits to props, from accessories to dance wear and goods and so much more to make yourself feel and look like a Goddess and why not, you’re worth it…

So why not join me in exploring a world of feminine beauty and grace to let go of your inhibitions and discover the true Belly Dance Diva that you really are.

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